How to import any GTM container preset?

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This is a general guide on how to import GTM container presets provided by Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO plugin.

1. Download preset for selected tool

First go to Settings > Google Tag Manager and scroll down to see dropdown with all available presets.

IMPORTANT: the list of available presets depends on the version (free vs paid) of the plugin that you use.

Once correct preset is selected in the dropdown hit Download Preset button to get special JSON file.

2. Import preset in Google Tag Manager

In Google Tag Manager go to the Admin tab of your workspace. Click Import Container. Choose the container file you have just downloaded. Decide which workspace it should go to. Then select Merge and Overwrite conflicting tags, triggers and variables. as import options.

Once you are sure you have the correct options selected hit Confirm to create Tags, Variables, and Triggers.

3. Review the changes and publish it

When the container preset is imported those changes will be applied to your GTM Workspace, but they won’t be deployed to end-users yet. This allows you to review all changes and apply any modifications as needed before publishing to the production page.

To make things clear all tags, triggers and variables from the preset are assigned to respective GTM Folder with the name of the preset (some presets may bring in two folders if more complex).

Most of the presets will require at least one manual change which will be setting ID of the service to integrate with (GA4 Measurement ID or UA Settings). You will usually find them as one of the Variables, but please check documentation of the preset.

Once all the required changes are done you can hit Submit and type in your change description.

Your new GTM integration is live now!

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