How to install and activate the WooCommerce plugin?

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1. Install & activate the plugin

Start in your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to Plugins > Add New. Search for Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO, then install and activate this plugin.

2. Install Google Tag Manager

Now it’s time to embed the main Google Tag Manager snippet to your WooCommerce shop. If you haven’t done it before using another plugin or directly in the theme code you can navigate to Settings > GTM Ecommerce and fill in two text areas at the top of the settings. The snippets to paste in those fields can be found in Admin panel in Google Tag Manager. Go to Container > Install Google Tag Manager.

Get GTM snippets from GTM admin.

This will show you two fields to copy code from and paste in respective fields in WordPress Dashboard.

Save GTM snippets in Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce PRO
Once pasted scroll down and hit Save Settings.

3. You are ready to integrate!

After the GTM snippets are saved the plugin will start pushing events to DataLayer and Google Tag Manager.

Now it’s time to configure Google Tag Manager to forward this data to selected tools. We know this may be cumbersome activity to create all GTM Tags, Triggers and Variables one by one manually, that’s why our plugin comes with handy presets that are easy to import in few simple steps to any GTM container.

See this general guide to know how to do it. Otherwise get back to our main documentation section for service specific guides.

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