What is Tag Concierge Platform?

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Tag Concierge Platform is an integrated service with a single dashboard that connects to your Google Tag Manager workspace and all eCommerce Plugins. It is one tool that takes care of all your Tag related needs when you run an eCommerce business. The main features are following:

Managed GTM

Tag Concierge Platform connects directly to your Google Tag Manager instance and allows to install any of our GTM Presets with one button click. Without Tag Concierge every integration scenario requires manual setup of GTM, creating every single Variable, Trigger and Tag. Our GTM Presets library provides packaged sets of Variables, Triggers and Tags that you can easily install. After installation Tag Concierge takes care of keeping it up to date and detecting if anything got broken.

Tracking Monitoring

Tag Concierge Platform captures your frontend traffic and compares it with your eCommerce backend data. Thanks to that it can precisely tell you which of your recent transactions were correctly tracked in Google Tag Manager and which weren’t. It can also provide suggestion how to improve your tracking.

As a result you can get precise information about your tracking and reporting reliability as well as get realtime notification when something get broken on your page or in GTM.

Visual Tag Editor

In addition to standard eCommerce events produced by our eCommerce plugins you can use our Visual Tags Editor to customize the tracking plan and tag any UI element for further analysis or optimizations.

Currently, Tag Concierge Platform is in CLOSED BETA you can request access here.

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