What is the difference between eCommerce Plugin and Tag Concierge Platform?

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Tag Concierge is an ecosystem of tools that allow you to address your eCommerce tagging needs. Two fundamental elements are:

eCommerce Plugin

eCommerce Plugin is fundamental tool that integrates your eCommerce installation (currently WooCommerce only) with Google Tag Manager. It is responsible for tracking all relevant eCommerce events reliably and pipe them into GTM’s dataLayer which is standard way of passing information to GTM. To make it happen it provides some additional tools for theme validation and events debugging.

It is a standalone product that can be used independently from our other products, but it allows to optionally connect to Tag Concierge Platform.

Tag Concierge Platform

Tag Concierge Platform is an integrated service with single dashboard that connects your Google Tag Manager instance with eCommerce Plugin (an eCommerce plugin is required to use the Platform). Thanks to that it can manage your eCommerce and GTM setups end to end in a fully automated way.

You can learn more about the Platform features here.

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