Tag Concierge Platform (coming soon)

Learn more about features of closed beta integrated Tags Management Platform

Tag Concierge Platform is an integrated service that allows you to manage the Google Tag Manager workspace and connect to our eCommerce plugins for greater control over the eCommerce tracking.

Tracking Monitoring

We know that getting reliable tracking for complex eCommerce websites is cumbersome and time consuming. The initial setup is usually the easiest part. The hard part is when you need to make sure that everything works as expected. Not just for you, but for all your current and future end-customers who are using different devices and browsers.

eCommerce events in big picture

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Transactions review

Review recent orders and see what was tracked correctly and what wasn’t. Get from big picture and understand your tracking reliability case by case. See hints on what could go wrong.

Privacy lightweight

We track events, not users. In order to provide our service we don’t need any direct or indirect personal identifier nor fingerprinting. We don’t even track actual transaction id, but part of it so that you can identify them and only you.

No delay in reporting

All of our reporting is immediately refreshed, so you don’t need to wait hours or days to verify if things work or not. You can react and fix right away.

AdBlock and consent detection

See how many of your front-end events may be lost due to adblocks, privacy browsers or lack of consent.

Automated end-to-end tests

We take from you the need to verify if key tracking calls are made for selected eCommerce events (purchase only). This is simple “works or doesn’t work” report.

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