Measure and optimize Stripe

Tag Stripe with marketing tools using client and server-side Google Tag Manager integration.

This feature is currently in beta. Use the form above to enrol in beta tests.

How it works?

See how Tag Concierge allows you to quickly and reliably tag Stripe based payments measured and available for any GTM integration. Including but not limited to GA4, Google Ads and Facebook/Meta Pixel.

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Connect APIs

Connect Tag Concierge to Stripe API in order to get data flow betwen Stripe and Google Tag Manager in secure way.

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Choose client or server-side

Choose if you want to use classic browser based tracking or more modern server-side GTM container.

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Launch selected GTM presets

Once the setup is provisioned and everything is connected you are ready to quickly deploy any supported GTM integration. See the Library below, if you cannot find a supported tool just let us know!

Browse GTM Presets Library


How does this work exactly?

We connect Stripe API and/or wrap Stripe Payment Links with custom loading screens. Then we transform the Stripe Payments data into GA4 eCommerce events format and pipe it to a selected GTM container.

If we got with server-side tracking can you help with server GTM container?

Yes, definitely. We can help with setup and/or hosting.

What is the difference between browser- and server-side tracking?

Server-side tracking with new server GTM containers is more reliable and can support any Stripe payments while browser-side tracking only works with Stripe Payment Links. On the other hand classic web GTM containers are slightly easier to provision.

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