Server-Side Migration


Improve Page Load Time

Less JS files to load and less HTTP calls means quicker website.

Improved Tracking Accuracy

Get more accurate tracking results across the board using more reliable 1st party cookies (no 3rd party cookies) and no HTTP calls to external services

Better Data Control

Handle sensitive data in the server container without exposing it to 3rd party providers and to the user's browser. Get full control over data-flow to ensure privacy compliance.

Enable server-to-server tracking

Be ready to process server-to-server conversion tracking for 100% coverage and higher data-quality.

Project Outline


Analyse existing web container

We audit your current setup (if exists) and gather all requirements. Then we lay down specific migration plan explaining what will be the scope of migration.

There may be certain tags that can't be migrated and this will be identified at this stage.


Configure Server GTM Hosting

Create a new container in customer's organisation and connect it to hosting of choice.


Migrate relevant tags

Move all tags that can be moved to server-side GTM.



Ensure all flows are working correctly and data is flowing as expected.


Cleanup in web GTM container

As most/all of the tags were moved to GTM server container, now the web container can be cleaned up.

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