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Learn how Tag Concierge ecosystem helps your eCommerce business.

eCommerce GTM Plugin

Does the heavy-lifting of GTM integration and eCommerce events tracking.

  • install GTM snippet or rely on 3rd party cookie consent plugins
  • track multiple eCommerce events with a single plugin
  • access and download GTM Presets
  • verify and inspect tracking with built-in tools

Tag Concierge Platform

Unified dashboard to control manage GTM and integrate with eCommerce plugins.

  • connect your GTM workspace
  • install, update and manage presets for common integration scenarios
  • compare tracked data with your eCommerce backend to understand tracking reliability
  • realtime tracking view

Tag Concierge Support & Services

Additional premium services and learning materials.

  • look at our growing eCommerce Marketing Academy Blog series
  • find Professional Support among one of our official partners


GTM eCommerce Plugin

GTM Presets Library

Choose from growing library of packaged GTM presets and import them directly to GTM. Avoid manual, time-consuming configuration.


Currently Tag Concierge supports WooCommerce.

Theme Validator
& Debugger

Ensure your eCommerce theme and configuration allow correct tracking for all supported eCommerce events.

Tag Concierge Platform

Automated GTM

Customize any of our GTM Presets with dedicated wizard. Install it with one button and we will take care of keeping it up to date and working.

Tracking Monitoring

Sleep with peace of mind. Tag Concierge actively analyze the tracking to detect any anomaly and broken tags.

Visual Tags Editor

Visually tag your website with custom tags attached to any UI element.

Tag Concierge Support & Services

eCommerce Growth Academy

Access our free and premium learning materials on how to leverage Marketing strategies to optimize your eCommerce.

Support & Custom Services

Cannot find solution to your specific problem? Contact as and we can provide you with Custom Services and Premium Support.

Marketing Partners

Looking for dedicated Marketing consultant? Let us know and we can contact you with one of our official Marketing Partners.


WooCommerce Plugins


  • 2 eCommerce events
  • 3 basic GTM presets
  • community support


$49 / yr
  • 7 eCommerce events
  • 6 advanced GTM presets
  • dedicated support channels

Tag Concierge PLATFORM

Tracking Monitoring


$29 / mo

for testing and small size eCommerce

  • all Tracking Monitoring features
  • self serve onboarding
  • monthly transaction limit – 100


$99 / mo

for medium size eCommerce

  • all Tracking Monitoring features
  • dedicated support
  • monthly transaction limit – 500


$299 / mo

for large and busy eCommerce

  • all Tracking Monitoring features
  • white-glove onboarding
  • premium support
  • no transaction limit

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