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Full power of GTM

Our products are based on industry-standard for website tagging and tracking - Google Tag Manager.

Battle-tested Tagging SolutionAs of 2023 GTM has 99.6% of the market share. Since its introduction in 2012 it is a undisputed leader in the Tagging Management space.
Avoid vendor lock-inGTM is future-proof solution. Even if you move to different eCommerce platform or decide to switch tracking solution you can still use the same GTM configuration.
Great compatibility with GA4 and Google AdsUsing GTM ensures best possible compatiblity with other Google products such as GA4 and Google Ads.
Full control for custom setupsNo matter what happens you can always customise your setup in GTM workspace. Leverage it's flexibility yourself or hire an expert.

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eCommerce Integration

Getting started with complete GTM setup can be time consuming. Fast-track the process with our plugin dedicated for your eCommerce platform. This is the entry-point for all features of the Tag Concierge Platform.

  • Events Coverage & CompatiblityYears of supporting over 3000 active installations thought us how to handle endless combinations of themes, modules and plugins. Leverage our experiece.
  • GTM Presets LibraryRight inside the plugin cockpit you will find and download all applicable GTM presets to active your GTM workspace in minutes.
  • Extendible with add-ons (WooCommerce)Once your basic setup is complete, enhance your tracking performance with powerful add-ons.

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End-to-end integrations

GTM Presets

Great to show off more complex things.

Quick and straightforward installUse native GTM import feature to install and end-to-end GTM integration within few clicks, filling in just necessary configuration details.
Complete coverageOur presets are updates to cover all events and properties as they are added in the main plugins. You get all Variables, Triggers and Tags ready to publish.

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Most advanced setup

Server-side GTM

We grow with your business. Once things get real implement ultimate tracking solution to maximise ROI on your ads and marketing spent.

Enhance performanceLoad 1 JS library instead of 4. Make 1 HTTP call instead of 8. Make you website busy with serving customer needs, move tracking workload to dedicated server container.
More durable 1st party cookiesSince all tracking calls are made to your own server container, cookies created are more durable and reliable.
Enable server-to-server communicationAchieve 100% tracking accuracy with direct server-to-server integration. Pass additional datapoints that you don't want to expose in the browser.

Get ultimate tracking setup in minutes

Discover our Advanced Server-Side Add-on (WooCommerce) to dramatically improve your tracking performance.


I found your products on WooCommerce or PrestaShop marketplace, what is the difference if I buy at

Our products available in marketplaces are exact same versions. Buy whenever it is more convenient for you.

How can I get access to GTM presets?

Get one of our plugins for your eCommerce platform. Then navigate to plugin settings screen where you will find the GTM presets gallery with an option to download it.

How can I implement server-side GTM with solution?

The best way is to use Advanced Server-Side Add-on, install it and use dedicated GTM presets for both web and server containers.

Can use my Consent Management Platform with your products?

Certainly. Since our products are based on Google Tag Manager virtually any CMP should have great support for GTM integration. Please refer to your CMP documentation, alternatively consider our Simple Consent Mode Banner.

I need more help, can you provide assistance?

We are happy to assist you with any technical question related to tracking and tagging. Just shoot us a message at [email protected]. If you have more marketing related questions we are happy to contact us with experts in your area.

Are you a marketing agency?

No, we are experts in data tracking, integrations and technical products, so we don't provide nor specialise in general marketing and online sales services. If you have more marketing related questions we are happy to contact us with experts in your area.