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How to use Tag Concierge?

Tag Concierge is a complete platform helping eCommerce owners and agencies to quickly build robust and resilient tagging setups.

With these simple steps you can get live in minutes saving time on custom development and Google Tag Mananger configurations.

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Install eCommerce plugin

Choose and install eCommerce platform plugin (WooCommerce or PrestaShop)

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Load GTM preset

Select and install one or multiple GTM presets from our library. You can use as many tools as you want with just one eCommerce plugin.

Browse GTM Presets
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Use your connected services and tools to optimize and grow you eCommerce business! From here you can iterate on your setup deploying more GTM presets.

GTM Presets Library

Choose from growing library of packaged GTM presets and import them directly to GTM. Avoid manual, time-consuming configuration.

Supported eCommerce

Currently Tag Concierge supports WooCommerce and PrestaShop.

Theme Validator & Debugger

Ensure your eCommerce theme and configuration allow correct tracking for all supported eCommerce events.

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