Simplest Consent Mode Banner

Lightweight (~3kB) and customisable Consent Banner compatible with Google Consent Mode v2. No monthly subscriptions, free or yearly payment.

Works great, is lightweight and does what its supposed to do. So many plugins nowadays that get bloated with superficial features. Great job.
Filip BDigital Agency Founder


Simple SetupIntegrate with Google Tag Manager or Google Tag with minimal configuration.
Customizable Consent BannerTailor the appearance and message of your consent banner.
User Preference ControlAllows users to specify their consent for different types of cookies (e.g., necessary, analytics, marketing).
Compliance with Privacy LawsHelps in making your website compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other privacy regulations.
Lightweight and FastDesigned to be non-intrusive and does not affect your website's load time.

How It Works

Show step by step how to get started

Install our extension

Install our add-on as appropriate for your store.
Select your version

Customize content...

Need special consents or custom text inside banner? No problem! Just adjust settings.

...and design

Choose if you want a blocking "wall" or not, configure the banner style, whether it should be a modal or a ribbon at the bottom of the page or just change color style using custom CSS.

Optionally Setup GTM

If you are using Google Tag Manager to control your website tags, review tags consent checks. Use our documentation to make that straightforward.
Read detailed guide

And it's done!

That's all, your consent mode banner is ready to use!

Verify in GTM

Use GTM or Google Tags preview tool to ensure consent mode is correctly applied.

Versions Comparison


Everything you need to get started with your business.

Get Started
$150per seat per year

Everything you need to get started with your business.

$39per year
Get Started
$450per seat per year
Consent Mode v2 ready
Customizable content
Fully Reponsive
Customizable design
GTM and Google Tag compatibility
Cookies Settings Link
Cookie removal
Custom consent types
Consent grouping
Multi language support (PrestaShop)
Floating Cookie Settings

Consent Mode Banner for WordPress



    One-time payment with 1 year of updates and support.

    $39/ Year
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      Consent Mode Banner for PrestaShop



        Yearly subscription for updates and support

        $39/ Year
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          Other CMS or custom website?

          We have closed beta of the same Consent Mode Banner for any website, not matter what CMS or platform you may be using


          Do I need to configure anything in Google Tag Manager?

          Once your Consent Banner is deployed the Consent Mode will be provided and will work with Google Tags (GA4 and Google Ads) out-of-the-box. For other integrations you need to review your GTM tags to ensure they have correct consent checks settings.
          You can use Consent Overview screen to quickly review and update tags. Read more here

          Can I use it without Google Tag Manager?

          Yes, you can still install and use our Consent Mode Banner which will work out-of-the-box with any Google Tag (Google Analytics 4 and Google Ads) without any further configuration.

          Can I edit consent text?

          Of course, every single text, both in descriptions, content types details and buttons is editable and translatable.

          Is it compatible with Facebook/Meta Pixel?

          It can be compatible if Facebook/Meta Pixel is implemented via Google Tag Manager and correct consent settings are applied in GTM workspace. Read more here