Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce

Single integration for all analytics, optimization and advertising needs.


Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that integrates WooCommerce with Google Tag Manager by tracking multiple eCommerce events.


With this plugin, you can push WooCommerce Ecommerce (GA4 Ecommerce and UA Enhanced Ecommerce compatible) information to GTM DataLayer. Then use any GTM integration to measure your customers’ activities.

Once this information is available in your GTM workspace you can plugin and use any tool available. Even if you are unsure yet which tool you would need or like to use.

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Example scenarios

What GTM integrations are possible with this WooCommerce plugin?


Measure e-commerce behaviors in Google Analytics (GA4 and legacy UA properties are supported)

Web ads conversions

Track conversions from Google Ads campaigns

Social media conversions

Track conversions from Facebook and/or Instagram campaigns

Supported events

After the plugin is installed and GTM snippets are configured it automatically starts to track the following events:

view item list (PRO)

view item (PRO)

select item (PRO)

add to cart

remove from cart (PRO)

begin checkout (PRO)


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  • 3 Basic GTM presets
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Advantage over alternative solutions

A common problem when trying to use other GTM and Google Analytics plugins is that data can be sent twice corrupting analytics reporting. Using DataLayer is a standard way to ensure your tracking information stays consistent.

Using Google Tag Manager

Without Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce plugin, you would need a separate plugin for each of those integrations. And each additional plugin may make your WordPress setup more complex.

Without Google Tag Manager

With Google Tag Manager for WooCommerce, everything is sent in a standardized format to Google Tag Manager and everything else is configured there. Adding or removing integrations does not require any further changes to the website itself.

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Features Overview

eCommerce EventsNumber of distinct events (e.g. add_to_cart, purchase)27
GTM presetsReady to use sets of GTM Tags, Triggers and Variables3 basic presets5 advanced presets
Purchase tracking deduplicationEven if user visits order confirmation page multiple times we track always just one purchase event
Variables product supportBetter handling of products with variations
Support levelpublic WordPress support forumdedicated support system
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Setting up eCommerce tracking for GA4 has been such a headache. This plugin made it so simple! And I cannot say enough good things about the team, excellent support.


The plugin is really good, and has helped us a lot implementing data layers and making GA4 work – easy and smooth. All in all – great plugin and great people behind it 🙂


Migrated to this plugin from another one that wasn’t good enough. This plugin is super simple and works well, but we specifically want to highlight the customer support on the pro version. It is super responsive, thorough and they won’t hesitate to provide you with custom solutions! Really happy!


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